Inside the Daily Planet, 11/3/08


NEWS YOU CAN USE | Voter challenges in Minnesota by Katie Mocol, TC Daily Planet • Following news about mass voter challenge schemes in other states, such as Michigan, you may be wondering how voter challenges work and who is at risk of being challenged. Minnesota has strict laws about voter challenges, which are described below. If you are worried about being challenged, you can bring a photo ID card showing your address, or any of the other information that is needed for same-day voter registration.

U undergoes largest building boom in 20 years by Alex Robinson, Minnesota Daily • In hopes of chasing down a top-three research institution ranking, the University of Minnesota is undergoing its biggest building boom in more than 20 years.

Dispatch from Kenya: The Obama Effect by Julia N. Opoti, Mshale • Senator Barack Obama is seen as transnational figure, one who transcends tribal and national politics, former Mshale Chief Editor, Edwin Okong’o found on a recent trip to his country of birth, and the home of Sen. Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr.


GROUND ZERO | The “Crimes of Obama,” the Sins of America byRich Broderick • October 31, 2008 • Tracing racism from the baseless, conspiratorial rantings of the far right to the long tradition of American Exceptionalism.

CABBAGES AND KINGS | Young energy for elections by David Doody • 10/31/08 • The hope, optimism and resilience of 5th and 6th grade students in North Minneapolis inspires political participation.