Inside the Daily Planet, 11/28/08


Advise and Dissent: Katie Matson
by Emily Bright, TC Daily Planet
What would you like to tell president-elect Barack Obama? Advise and Dissent features opinions on what the new president should be thinking and doing.

Mr. President-elect, I have three pieces of advice. One: Part of why you were selected is that you seem so cool and centered and balanced.

Weekend What’s What 11/27-11/30: Turkey daze
by l’etoile magazine staff
The holidays have officially arrived! We trust by the time you read this, you’ll be pleasantly stuffed with Thanksgiving feast and your quota for family interactions will have been filled. Shake the tryptophan haze, because you’ll have plenty of chances to work off that third slice of pie this weekend. A sexy selection of dance parties, awesome art openings, and rockin’ shows await you – so take off that cranberry-stained bib and get out there!

Hmong actors making history: The bad guys of Gran Torino
by Louisa Schein, Hmong Today
Legendary actor/director Clint Eastwood is making history in the Hmong community with his upcoming film Gran Torino. But this is not only Hmong news. By creating a mainstream Hollywood film that features mostly Hmong leads and supporting actors (other than Eastwood’s character), he’s giving unprecedented visibility to Hmong Americans. Says veteran Hollywood actor Wa Yang, who worked with Eastwood through a small role in Letters from Iwo Jima, “It’s creating exposure in Hollywood, where no one knows who the Hmong are. Hopefully it will pique interest and one day the story of how we came to the US can be told.”

Nader Grocery and Deli: Tasty take-out deli hits the sweet spot
by Bruce Schneier and Karen Cooper, The Mix
For the most part, if a restaurant doesn’t look like it’s thriving, we’re skeptical about it. Not every dusty storefront is worth checking out. But we’d heard enough about the counter at Abu Nader that we decided to give it a try.


A fitting farewell: Gophers leave Metrodome at last • by Jeff Fecke • 11/22/08 • Like all Minnesota Gophers football fans under the age of 60, I’m a casual fan. Oh, there are some septugenarian die-hards out there, who can still remember seeing Murray Warmath coach, back in the era when Minnesota football didn’t suck. But I grew up in the Metrodome era, and the Metrodome era has been abysmal for the maroon and gold.

Of Lame Ducks, Swaps and Food Czars • by Steve Suppan • 11/25/08 • In U.S. political vernacular, the legislative period following an election but before the victorious take office is called a “lame duck” session—defeated members being the “ducks.” Often, little legislative progress is made during the “lame duck” interim. What a difference a global financial crisis makes!