Inside the Daily Planet, 11/26/08


DANCE | Zenon goes “urban” at the Southern
by Jon Behm, TC Daily Planet
Zenon Dance Company is marking its 26th fall season this year, and they are celebrating in their usual fashion: by putting on a showcase of some of the most innovative recent dance pieces by choreographers from the Twin Cities and beyond. They launched the season on Thursday night at the Southern Theater, and despite a technical glitch or two, the show generally went off with the flawless grace that has become a Zenon trademark.

VISUAL ARTS | Playful realms of the discarded: Celeste Nelms
by Alberto Rios de la Rosa, TC Daily Planet
Sense of humor in tow, Celeste Nelms highlights human interactions with nature in her artwork. Using donated goods or materials found in vintage stores, dumpsters, Nelms’ artwork is based on the idea of the discarded. “Something you don’t want anymore, it becomes something that has a soul,” she said. Soul or no, Nelms said, “we all should keep that funny part in life.”

DINING | Everyone needs a little sanctuary
by Patricia Webb-de la Cadena, TC Daily Planet
And Sanctuary the restaurant, in downtown Minneapolis, is the perfect place to find it. The upscale eatery opened the same week as the 35W bridge collapse. Considering its location on Washington Avenue, just four blocks west of 35W, such dubious beginnings may have overshadowed their grand opening. Over a year later, the restaurant appears to be thriving despite the initial challenges.

Small businesses feel the crunch
by Josh Katzenstein, Minnesota Daily
With the credit market tightening and banks requiring bailouts, the opportunities for small businesses to receive financial support are becoming increasingly difficult to find.


ARTS ORBIT | Press release of the day: Reindeer games at the Red Stag
by Jay Gabler • When I look at this promotional photo for the Ruby3 Progressive Holiday Trunk Show, I think of a line from the TV special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, solemnly intoned by narrator Burl Ives as Rudolph and his friends realize that they’re about to be caught in a North Pole blizzard.

HISPANIC FANATIC | Anti-religious heterophobia: The rebuttal
by Daniel Cubias • One of my recent pieces (“Muy Fabuloso”) also appeared on the Huffington Post last week. The post was about homophobia in Latino culture. On the Huffington site, I received numerous comments.

ARTS ORBIT | AIDS vs. anorexia vs. indie rock
by David de Young • It all would have been in rather poor taste if it hadn’t actually been quite funny.