Inside the Daily Planet, 11/23/08


THINGS PEOPLE SAY | Homeless Youth in Minnesota: Watch. Read. Think. Talk. by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet • Join the discussion of homeless youth in Minnesota. Speak up, speak out, send your opinions to us.

Affordable housing: Be a part of it by Kao Kalia Yang, Hmong Today • The idea is relatively simple: you buy a home, you pay for it, and it becomes yours in time. But today’s reality is much more complicated. Many families have purchased homes that they can no longer pay for. Blue papers are plastering homes throughout St. Paul—many of these, especially in Frogtown, were owned by Hmong people. This means that there are many Hmong families without homes right now; there are many families in need of affordable housing options.

She rules the school: Minnesota’s women college presidents by Delma J. Francis, Minnesota Women’s Press • We’re average. Well, actually a tiny bit below average. Minnesota students may generally outperform the national average on test scores, but if you do the math, we’re less than average when it comes to the number of women who lead our colleges and universities. Approximately 21 percent of the leaders of our four-year colleges and universities are led by women; the national average is about 24 percent.

VISUAL ARTS | MIA exhibit opens Minnesotan minds to the many dimensions of India by Kara Nesvig, Minnesota Daily • India is an enigma of a country. It calls to mind swirls of hot pink silk, extravagant Bollywood musicals and frenetic music set to the pace of its crowded streets but it’s also a hotbed of political unrest and extreme poverty. Its clash of the beautiful and the developing make it as compelling as its history would suggest.


ARTS ORBIT | The Swedish experience • by Jay Gabler • 11/22/08 • As shamefully tokenistic national stereotypes go, well, you could do worse than being infamous for sexiness. Thus the poster for The Swedish Experience, a film collection screening today and tomorrow at the doomed Oak Street Cinema.

ENGAGE MN | Hajj Pilgrims: Know Your Rights, Responsibilities as Airline Passengers by Asma Lori Saroya, 11/20/08 • A Muslim family was detained at the MSP airport on their way home from a week-long vacation in Europe. They were told the search was “random” although others who were also detained were either of South Asian or Arab descent.

HISPANIC FANATIC | Cousin #2: Escape and rebuilding a life by Daniel Cubias • 11/20/08 • The emerald hue of his eyes is freakishly rare, especially for a Latino. Our grandmother teased him when he was a child, saying that he had stolen the eyes of the cat.