Inside the Daily Planet, 11/21/08


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NEWS YOU CAN USE | Giving thanks and giving back
by Sheila Regan, TC Daily Planet
This Thanksgiving, families throughout the Twin Cities will gather at the table and be thankful for what they have, despite the rough economic climate. But Thanksgiving can also be a time for people to help those less fortunate themselves: here is a list of ways you can help on Thanksgiving Day and beyond.

MOVIES | Let the Right One In: Classic horror, minus the naked coeds
by Jim Brunzell III, TC Daily Planet
Let The Right One In does have many spooks and surprises, but at its core, the film is a love story that captures all the desperation, isolation, and emotional intensity of being a preteen.

Musicians telling it like it is

MUSIC | “My guitar’s an asshole!”: Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs at the Entry
by Cyn Collins, TC Daily Planet
One of the first songs, the lively “Ain’t Nobody Gonna Love Me Like the Devil Do,” was a seeming companion to a later number, “Jesus Doesn’t Love Me Anymore.” Both were performed in a folky, sing-songy fashion—the latter sounded like the sequel to “Jesus Loves Me” that no one ever taught us as children. Every good country noir show needs a foot-stompin’ gospel song, and accordingly there was “Getting High For Jesus (‘Cause He Got Low for Me).”

MUSIC | Bill Mike on music and money: “Same shit, different system”
by Rich Horton, Rift Magazine
“Most musicians are susceptible to giving in and shelling out money at the risk of wanting to be known. Basically, you are contributing to the ‘artists get paid last’ system that’s been set up since rock ‘n’ roll began in the 1950s.”


By Jeff Fecke • Like most Democrats, I was gleeful after the Dems took a big lead in the Senate. Sure, part of that was about getting our agenda pushed through, but mostly I was happy because it meant that defenestrated Sen. Joe Lieberman, Joe-Conn., would soon be out of a job. His gavel would be stripped, his epaulettes ripped from his shoulders, and he’d be sent out of the Democratic caucus into the cold twilight of the GOP caucus, where he’d have to put up with idiots like Tom Coburn. It would be glorious.

LIFE OF CYN | That barista totally wants your junk.
Dear Cyn, It seems like every coffee shop in town has taped up a copy of that Onion article headlined SOURCES: BARISTA NOT ACTUALLY FLIRTING WITH YOU. Ha ha, I get it. But I know from my friends who’ve worked as baristas that romances actually do flower across the counter! How am I supposed to know when that barista is flirting with me? And how can I communicate interest without risking months of 8 a.m. awkwardness? Thanks— Hopped-Up Homegirl

ARTS ORBIT | Weekend what’s what 11/20-11/23: Sizzle and shake
by l’etoile magazine staff • It might be chillin’ outside, but Minnesotans are dead set on keeping things hot and heavy. You can work up a sweat at any number of smokin’ DJ nights, or ignite your flame at a passion-themed art show. It’s also the first real mitten-worthy weekend, so bust out your most stylish winter-wear and keep your sexy self insulated—at least until you hit the dance floor!