Inside the Daily Planet, 11/2/08



No news on the presidential debate or the economic crisis: just music for the soul by Susan Budig, Mshale • With the stock market giving its riders whiplash as it bounced up and down and an unprecedented Presidential race in hot debate last October 15th, Cape Verdean singer, Lura, faced an audience looking for escape.

Readers, Writers and Books

Book note: Presidential idolatry is Bad for Democracy by Rachel Dykoski, TC Daily Planet • Being alive, involved, and slightly clever in these double-ought times is brutal. So many issues swirl around my bourgeois mind. Tainted lunch food in our schools. OMG—the kids! Global climate crisis. OMG—the world! Financial markets tanking, under-employment rates and foreclosures soaring. WWJD? CYA. It makes me want to escape, close my eyes, and envision solutions without my own sweat-equity. Bad for Democracy: How the Presidency Undermines the Power of the People just won’t let me do it.

150 best Minnesota books #31: “Bernie” Bierman’s Winning Football by Patrick Coleman, Minnesota Historical Society • If politics is not your favorite spectator sport, Minnesota history has a lot more to offer. Chief among these offerings is the golden era of the Golden Gophers football team. For 16 seasons Coach Bierman turned out winning team after winning team. Five national championships! His record was 93 wins, 35 losses, and 6 ties, or a .727 percentage. Compare that to Jim Waker’s .291. Was that unfair? Sorry. I’ll stop talking sports and get back to something I know, books.


ARTS ORBIT | Press release of the day: Listening to dirt by Jay Gabler • “Santa Fe installation artist re-envisions wholeness through innovative use of earth as medium.”

LOON COMMONS | The farmer as natural resource professional by Brian DeVore • Kent Solberg was born, as he puts it, “With a heart for the land.” And in the most recent LSP podcast (episode 57), the central Minnesota farmer wears his heart on the sleeve of his work shirt.

FROM THE SOAPBOX | Why you should not vote for McCain by Mehr Jay Shahidi • I don’t mean to show off. But, I was right about George W. Bush. And, I strongly believe I am now right about McCain. My observation on U.S. foreign policy: In Fall of 2000 and again in Fall of 2004, I called my relatives, friends and others all over the United States and other countries begging them not to vote for W. I failed.