Inside the Daily Planet, 11/19/08


Child soldier movie filming in Cedar-Riverside
by Alex Ebert, Minnesota Daily
The yellow back of the light rail barely shined over the top of the makeshift iron wall in the decaying courtyard, strewn with broken bricks around a waterless, rusted fountain.

Debunk the myth, create your own holiday magic
by Jeanne Bain, Minnesota Women’s Press
Are traditional holiday celebrations just too much of a good (or not-so-good) thing?


CABBAGES AND KINGS | Through my daughters’ eyes: “Why are you crying, mommy?” • by Rachel Dykoski • 11/14/08 • My daughters sat on my lap as the Obamas took the stage to thousands cheering in Grant Park.

ARTS ORBIT | Quickies • by Matt Peiken • Five small, indepedent theater troupes in the Twin Cities have banded together to stage an evening of Quickies—a smorgasbord of scenes and slices of upcoming productions—at the Bryant-Lake Bowl.

LOON COMMONS | Gutting green acres: Slap in the face from 2008 legislature • by Brian Devore, 11/14/08 • Farmer Mike Gilles has a succinct way of describing what a mess the 2008 Minnesota Legislature made of the popular Green Acres program: “Pretty much it’s a slap in the face to anyone who is conservation-minded.” It’s a slap that could leave bruises on the state’s landscape for decades to come.