Inside the Daily Planet, 11/16/08


MOVIES | British Television Advertising Awards bring whimsy to the Walker by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet • Here is a medium where the hands of the creators have virtually no autonomy from the hands holding the purse strings, and yet the ads on display demonstrate far more genuine imagination than most “independent” films. Maybe we’d have more stimulating theatrical fare if we just turned, say, 20th Century Fox over to Verizon and told them to go ahead and make two-hour commercials for family calling plans.

How Obama won by Charles Hallman, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder • The way Sen. Barack Obama ran his campaign was thoroughly discussed in a series of panel discussions and other presentations at “The Obama Effect” conference held October 23-25 at the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Chuck Solberg’s double life by Judy Woodward, The Park Bugle • Most people are lucky if they find one thing in life they enjoy and can get paid to do.


ARTS ORBIT | Yeah. Can I get a large baked potato pizza, an order of wings, and some independent hip-hop? by Jay Gabler • Haters who deride Rhymesayers hip-hop as sanitized crap for wealthy, overeducated yuppies will feel wickedly vindicated by this instance of urban synergy: From this Sunday, November 16, through the following Sunday, November 23, every delivery from the Pizza Lucé locations in St. Paul and Uptown Minneapolis will include a teaser CD featuring three tracks from the upcoming eponymous album by Heiruspecs.

CABBAGES AND KINGS | Will tax breaks for green investment bring green jobs? by Charlie Quimby, Growth & Justice • 11/12/08 • Warmed-over, renamed “Green JOBZ” won’t do the job for green economy.

BLOG OF THE MODERATE LEFT | The pause that refreshes: Pondering space travel and drinking water by Jeff Fecke • 11/15/08 • I’ve been a space geek since I was roughly four, and while we don’t have the moon bases, space habitats, and manned Mars missions I was promised back in 1978, we’ve finally started making some nice incremental improvements in space technology of late, primarily related to the impending retirement of the space shuttle fleet, which were far more expensive and far less useful than originally advertised, and tragically much less reliable. The Ares/Orion pairing should be, if nothing else, far safer than the shuttle fleet, and while Orion capsules are only expected to be reusable up to ten times, they should be less expensive to maintain than the shuttles, which are incredibly fragile.