Inside the Daily Planet, 11/12/08


THEATER | Blithe Barefoot makes the Big Apple boring
by Jon Behm, TC Daily Planet
Watching Starting Gate’s production of Barefoot in the Park is a bit like watching an old episode of Seinfeld. The feeling that persists throughout the show is, “Wow, I used to consider this really funny.”

VOICES | Finally, surcease from the dumb tax attack ads so now we can face some facts
by Dane Smith, Growth & Justice
The very best thing about Election Day is the inner peace it brings, the feeling that the people have spoken and that we will accept our collective verdict, for awhile at least, and maybe everybody should just shut the heck up for a few weeks, please.

Nadifa Osman: community organizer with a vision
by Swallehe Msuya, African News Journal
In collaboration with Augsburg College, International Leadership Institute, Minnesota Human Rights Advocacy and many other non-profits in the Twin Cities, Somali-born Nadhifa Osman is determined to get solutions for problems faced by women and youth of immigrant populations from the Horn of Africa.


ARTS ORBIT | World mourns Miriam Makeba, “Mama Afrika”
by Mshale staff • Legendary South African musician and activist Miriam Makeba died early Monday morning in an Italian hospital. Makeba, fondly known as Mama Afrika by her fans, was an icon in the fight against South Africa’s apartheid government.

DOWNSTREAM | Of pigs, wolves and one dead whale
by Emilio DeGrazia • It was the middle of another sleepless night, one of those damp drizzly Novembers of the soul, my mind turning as witlessly as the world. A hundred miles away my nineteen year-old daughter Emily was turning her college life into Big City dreams. Beside me, Leah, my three year-old, lay curled up close to Monica, my wife suddenly pregnant again and round as a small earth.

HISPANIC FANATIC | No recounts are necessary
by Daniel Cubias • The dancing in the streets has subsided since Tuesday. Of course, I remain stunned that we had dancing in the streets at all. Seriously, does anyone remember this kind of orgiastic response over election results? Before this, the standard imagery was supporters in ballrooms laughing and waving signs, but now we see impromptu parades and ecstatic outbursts on street corners and strangers hugging each other in every city in the world.