Inside the Daily Planet, 11/11/08


THEATER | Emotional gymnastics in Nimbus’s Death and the Maiden by Jon Behm, TC Daily Planet • Some plays ask questions and some plays answer them. Ariel Dorfman’s Death and the Maiden is squarely in the former category.

VOICES | Si se Pudo!!!! by Alberto Monserrate, La Prensa de Minnesota • Since 2005 Latinos in the United States have endured increased immigration raids, failed attempts at comprehensive immigration reform, vicious rhetoric from anti-immigrant politicians and activists, the sub prime mortgage mess, the economic melt down and increased racist violent incidents against Latinos throughout the country. In 2006 we marched in the millions against anti-immigrant national and local policies. In 2008 we voted. The numbers are not completely in as of this article going to press, but it seems that Latinos accounted for 8% of about 130 million ballots cast. That means that over 10 million Latinos voted in the 2008 election. The percentage of Latino voters in 2004 was also about 8%, but total votes increased in 2008.

Marcy Open School students talk about their school by Marcy Open School students, The Bridge • The Southeast Minneapolis Council on Learning and The Bridge received dozens of responses (despite a very short deadline; thanks kids and teachers!) from Marcy Open School students to the questions: What do you like about your school? If you could change something about your school, what would it be?


ARTS ORBIT | Daily Planet arts coverage: More timely than ever by Jay Gabler, Arts Editor • Starting this week, you’ll notice a welcome change in our arts coverage—a change that will help us keep you right on top of the latest local goings-on.

ENGAGE MINNESOTA | Educating Muslim Students in Minnesota: The Skill and the Will By Martha Bigelow • 11/7/08 • Engage Minnesota • Multicultural education seeks to include a range of perspectives often suppressed by the majority culture as well as include students from diverse backgrounds in the process of learning.

BLOG OF THE MODERATE LEFT | 2012 Power Rankings By Jeff Fecke • 11/8/08 • You think this is too early? Pshaw! Folks, I had my power rankings for 2008 up on the Thursday after Election Day in 2004. Of course, that was part of the grieving process, but still — I’m late to the party this time. Besides, I heard tell that Bobby Jindal was already spotted wandering the streets of Newell. It’s power time!

KEEPING THE FAITH | “Truthinesss” versus facts by Mary Turck, 10/31/08 • “Truthiness” is something like truth–but not quite. Stephen Colbert invented the term in 2005, according to Wikipedia, to describe things that a person claims to know intuitively or “from the gut” without regard to evidence, logic, intellectual examination, or facts. Truthiness may be fun to kick around on late night TV, but it doesn’t provide much basis for making decisions that affect the common good.