Inside the Daily Planet, 10/28/08


NEWS YOU CAN USE | Voting myths and urban legends
by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet
Rumor of the day: Straight ticket voting Rumors circulating on the Internet say that voting a straight ticket may invalidate your vote for president, or that you have to vote separately for president and for a straight ticket. So what’s true?

CARAG NRP Visioning Town Hall meeting
by Pamela Taylor, Uptown Neighborhood News
Tuesday, October 14 at Bryant Square Park, citizens of the CARAG community kicked off its Phase II NRP planning process. With an estimated $470,000 to spend on neighborhood approved endeavors (the remaining $130,000 has yet to be identified by the City of Minneapolis), a notice was mailed out to all households requesting their presence at a Visioning Town Hall meeting. While hopes may have been high regarding turnout, the reality of such was considerably less (20 people), but a good discussion, nonetheless, ensued.

St. Paul: Tom Hayden on the war at home
by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet
In an interview during his recent visit to Minnesota, former Chicago Eight defendant Tom Hayden talked about the current practice of designating national conventions and other meetings as “national special security events.” Hayden, who served in the California legislature from 1982-2000, criticized massive federal funding of local police departments for such events, and called the arrests of the RNC Eight in Minnesota “a by-product of the perceived necessity of the war on terrorism.”


by Jeff Fecke
… Paulsen couldn’t be bothered to stand up against racism and homophobia. He couldn’t be bothered to agree that Lindner’s statements, however protected by the first amendment, were still outrageous.

BY THE PEOPLE | “Green” civic organizers achieve success on local project to improve water quality
by Ellen Tveit
Creating a rain garden at St. Bernard’s Catholic School

THINK FORWARD | Bill Clinton’s confession
by Ben Lilliston
Last week was a time for confessions. Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan told Congress that his 40-year faith in the self-correcting power of free markets had been misplaced, and declared himself in a “state of shocked disbelief.”