Inside the Daily Planet, 10/22/2010


MUSIC | Killer musicianship from Kilometers Davis on their debut, Reading Books About How It’s Done  by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet • Don’t you just love it when all you’ve got to go on in writing about a band is the music? Sure, when you happen to be hanging at a club and somebody hits the stage, that’s what you get-how good or bad they play, what the name is and, on an exceptional night, an attractive lady’s phone number before calling it a night and hitting the bricks. Putting coverage generally together calls for considerably more. Like a bio, press release and, oh, being able to read the promo CD and at least see a listing of which song is titled what. Nothing doing with the group Kilometers Davis and their album Reading Books About How It’s Done.

Hebrew priestess by Anne Hamre, Minnesota Women’s Press • In 2009, Sharon Jaffe of Minneapolis graduated with the first class of Hebrew priestesses in over 2,000 years.

Climate-conscious cyclists stop in Minnesota
by Staff, The Uptake • Coast to coast and then to Cancun, Mexico. That’s the path for a group of climate conscience former Edina, Minnesota residents. They started in Portland Oregon and rendezvoused with a young Canadian in Glacier National Park. Their ultimate destination is the climate conference in Cancun, Mexico. The name of the web site refers to the estimated maximum CO2 level in the atmosphere that can sustain life, 350 parts per million. We are now at 386 and climbing. The last time 359 was recorded was in 1989. October 10, 2010, was a global work party to work on the climate crisis. There were 7,347 events in 188 countries. The traveler’s plan is to cycle to Washington, DC, then take a train to Florida and a boat to Cancun.


MENNONISTA | Blinded by “The Law”
by Steve Clemens • But the most significant reason this case is all about politics is the utter silence in the courtroom about the grossest violation of law: what the Nuremberg Tribunal calls the supreme international crime: “to initiate a war of aggression”.

SAINT PAUL ALMANAC | St. Paul Skyways = Freedom
by John Lee Clark •’I’m sure there are many who say they love Saint Paul more than any other place on earth, but for me to say that would be an understatement. That’s because living anywhere outside of downtown Saint Paul would be like being in jail. I live in the heart of the skyway system in downtown, and for me it is freedom. You see, I am both deaf and blind.

HINDSIGHT 2020 | Main Street investment returns statewide dividends
by Joe Sheeran • One of my all-time favorite coworkers was a farmer from Pretty Prairie, Kansas. Doug was a friendly fellow, with a high-pitched Andy Rooney voice, who, it seemed, knew all one million-plus Kansas residents. Like a lot of Midwest ag producers, he made the bulk of his living working off the farm, as a television photojournalist.

TC JEWFOLK | Minnesota Mamaleh: About help by Galit Breen • Recently, there have been a frightening number of children, someones’ babies, taking their own lives because of bullying. Because of heartache. Read that again. Teenagers are killing themselves. Not being sassy with their moms. Not cutting school. And not experimenting with alcohol. Killing. Themselves.

SIDEWALK DOG | Mutt Muses: Local radio host authors children’s book
by Meredeth Barzen • Once upon a time, a very crafty dog inspired his owner to write a poem about his great escapes. And the end result was Dizzy the Mutt with the Propeller Butt, a children’s picture book by local radio host Ian Punnett. As a day job, Ian hosts the morning show on myTalk 107.1 with his wife, Margery (6 to 10 a.m. weekdays, if you’d care to listen in.) He also does a syndicated radio show called Coast to Coast AM. But his true colors as a children’s book author showed last August, when Dizzy the Mutt was released.