Inside the Daily Planet, 10/22/08


Music note: Afternoon delight at the Walker
by Jon Behm, TC Daily Planet
Minneapolis label Afternoon Records turned five years old last Thursday and celebrated the fact by showcasing three of its most promising bands in a free concert at the Walker Art Museum. The lineup of Now, Now Every Children, Crescent Moon is in Big Trouble, and We All Have Hooks for Hands was a perfect indication of the level of talent the fledgling label has produced since founder Ian Anderson launched it in his senior year of high school.

Researcher to speak on Wal-Mart, human rights
by Staff, Workday Minnesota
A researcher with Human Rights Watch will discuss “Discounting Worker’s Rights in the U.S.: The Wal-Mart Effect” Thursday at the University of Minnesota.

Central Corridor takes huge step with FTA application
by Jeremy Stratton, The Bridge
After 19 months of preliminary engineering, the Metropolitan Council submitted its 4,000-page application on Sept. 5 for federal approval to enter into the final design phase of the Central Corridor Light-Rail Transit (LRT) line.

She plays with clay
by Theresa Bernard, Minnesota Women’s Press
Layl McDill goes to work every day in a studio filled with colorful things. With a skylight but no windows in her corner studio space in northeast Minneapolis, she sees bright ocean blues and grass greens in the packages upon packages of polymer clay bricks on her worktables. When mixed together, they form unique patterns of objects like saffron stars or the crimson feathers of a phoenix. Those clay pictures are combined to become sculptures, ornaments, buttons and more.


GROUND ZERO | Sale of the American Century! Everything must go! • by Rich Broderick • 10/21/08 • America might be worth a lot more if it were broken up and its assets sold off piecemeal.

ARTS ORBIT | “Johnny Depp” and “Jack Nicholson” visit the MOA • by Rebecca Collins • In Saturday’s Star Tribune, this item was in C.J.’s Dish column: A caller who claimed to be a NWA flight attendant went through a lot of effort — thank you — to telephone me about 2 p.m. Friday to report just having walked by Johnny Depp and Jack Nicholson. “They were lookin’ good, and I’m not talking about Jack,” said the flight attendant, who was surprised by how short Nicholson is.

KOLET INK | “If I were a white girl” • by Colette Davidson • This whole Sarah Palin business is getting out of control. First she’s walking onstage alongside The Maverick with her pack of five children, including her unwed, pregnant teenage daughter, and now she’s making appearances as a comedy spectacle on Saturday Night Live. What’s next? A strip tease for Gordon Brown? I wouldn’t put it past her, honestly. She has already had more than a handshake from Pakistani President Asif Zardari, who could hardly keep his salami in his sandwich upon their first meeting.