Inside the Daily Planet, 10/5/08


Readers, Writers, and Books

Books for Africa Celebrates 20 Years: 20 million books in 20 Years by Nelima Kerre, Mshale • On September 12th the Minnesota and African communities did more than reconnect at The Minnesota History Center for the Books for Africa 20th Anniversary Gala. They celebrated their connection and renewed their pledge to support each other in the noble cause to end Africa’s book famine. In a jam packed auditorium, attendees wearing brightly colored and beautifully patterned African outfits keenly listened as representatives from Africa and local leaders praised and encouraged the organization for its work.

150 best Minnesota books #24 and #25: Betsy, Tacy, and Emily by Betsy Sundquist, Minnesota Historical Society • Maud Hart Lovelace wrote a series of books set in Mankato, the fictional Deep Valley, about Betsy Ray, Tacy Kelly and their friends, but I—and many other Lovelace fans—believe her best work is Emily of Deep Valley.

Bright lights, small city: David Carr’s memoir recalls fast times in our slow lane. by Craig Cox, Minneapolis Observer Quarterly • I’m pretty sure that I first ran into David Carr sometime in 1986, when we were both guests on Brian Lambert’s cable-access TV show. We were talking about some political difficulties St. Paul Mayor George Latimer may or may not have been facing at the time, and I recall being pretty impressed by how much street-level intelligence Carr displayed. He was not shy about dishing the dirt on players I didn’t even know existed. I was the editor of City Pages at the time and Carr was, I believe, a staff writer for the Twin Cities Reader, our nemesis. The Reader is long gone now, the victim of a 1997 acquisition by Village Voice Media, which turned the local alternative media scene on its head. At least, that’s how I remember it.


BLOG OF THE MODERATE LEFT | Rich Lowry’s Ejaculation by Jeff Fecke • The right is fond of complaining that feminists and feminist allies hate Sarah Palin because she’s pretty. We don’t. She’s conventionally attractive, yes, but that’s not really surprising. Most politicians are on the pretty end of the spectrum, from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton to George W. Bush to Mitt Romney. Not all of them, of course, but many of them.

CABBAGES AND KINGS | The fascinating historical roots of the “Bailout” package by Myles Spicer • Those who are interested in American history can find some incredibly fascinating roots imbedded in the “bailout” (or so called “recovery”) package now bumping through Congress. Roots which have historical significance in so many different, but relevant ways.

FROM THE SOAPBOX | Come out of the cave by Tom Heuerman, Ph.D. • The election this year is about the transformation and renewal of America so she can evolve and continue to lead the world.