Inside the Daily Planet, 10/4/08


A string of sugar crystals: Greenway inspires a new model for urban development by Jason Ericson, Uptown Neighborhood News • Before Tina Nelson started working for the Midtown Greenway Coalition back in 1999, she worked for years as a community organizer in the Seward neighborhood. She toyed with the idea of going back to school for urban planning, but remained uncertain.

NEWS YOU CAN USE | Green means go by Bruce Cochran, Uptown Neighborhood News • “Everybody loves the sound of a train in the distance
Everybody thinks it’s true” – Paul Simon

Well, yes and no. Not everybody likes the sound of the southwest light rail project but most are coming around to support it. This is the current thinking of citizens in the Southwest, confirmed by Gail Dorfman, Hennepin County Commissioner, at the last Southwest Transitway Project Public Meeting. At Calhoun Square about 40 people gathered to listen to details and ask questions of Dorfman and Project Manager Katie Walker.

Interview: “Rasta Bard” David Daniels makes Magic at the Acadia Café by Dwight Hobbes, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder • David Daniels has to be one of the most unlikely success stories imaginable. He crafts ingenious performance theater; he is a capable playwright and compelling spoken-word orator. However, Daniels prevails despite himself.

‘Gently into the reach of the night’ by Jon Collins and Karle Weinmann, Minnesota Daily • Less than a half-mile from the University’s West Bank campus last Monday, Ahmednur Ali, an Augsburg College student and tutor at the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood’s Brian Coyle Center, was shot to death.


BLOG OF THE MODERATE LEFT | Dee-Bate! by Jeff Fecke • Well, the debate is over. And Joe Biden won it, though Sarah Palin defied expectations by speaking in complete sentences almost throughout the entire debate.

ARTS ORBIT | Illin’ ullieann by Cyn Collins • Direct from Ireland, masters of the uilleann pipes are bringing us Piperlink, a multifaceted experience all about uilleann (pronounced “illan”) pipes.

KOLET INK | Give me liberty or give me…? by Colette Davidson • What does it take to get a girl excited these days? I’m feeling so seriously jaded. Call me ungrateful, a cynic, a snob. Maybe I am. But the more I see of the world, the more it looks the same. Is it just me, or does each Mediterranean palm tree seem to sway in the same direction? And I’m sure that those public squat toilets are just as gag-inducing whether it’s France, India or Korea (although China probably wins as the most disgusting). Restaurant servers are rude in Paris just as they are in New York (maybe it’s a big city thing) and dogs are everywhere–whether on a leash or running wild towards your inviting, rabies shot-free leg–and they want you.

ARTS ORBIT | 20 years of Cinema Lounge by Paul Clark • Believe it or not, IFP Minnesota’s Cinema Lounge, the Twin Cities’ original short film screening series, is turning 20. While technically still not old enough to drink (ha!), that hasn’t kept us from ushering the masses into the venerable Bryant-Lake Bowl theater on the 3rd Wednesday of each month to partake in film and refreshments, the latter usually being alcoholic and the former always indie, always local.