Inside the Daily Planet, 10/3/08


Music note: Rosalie Sorrels releases tribute to Utah Phillips
by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet
On hearing Rosalie Sorrels had a new album out on nationally-lauded, St. Paul-based Red House Records, yours truly hurried up and got nosy. Turns out Rosalie Sorrels has got a thing and a half for her fellow folk legend, the late Utah Phillips.

Food and Restaurants

Local food’s toughest customers
by Brian DeVore, Land Stewardship Project
On an overcast fall day, I got a tour of the Meat Center of Appleton (population: 2,871) in the heart of western Minnesota’s wild goose and domestic corn country. If an extensive local food system is to take root throughout the Midwest and beyond, its reach can’t be limited to hip urban neighborhoods and earnest college campuses. It also has to catch on in places like Appleton—and it starts with people like Alyce Fust.

Mango Thai Cuisine
by Jeremy Iggers, The Rake
Strictly speaking, I am not sure the dishes I sampled the other day at Mango Thai Cuisine at Selby and Dale in St. Paul really qualify as authentic Thai cuisine. I don’t remember seeing any western-style broccoli the last time I was in Bangkok, and I am pretty sure I never saw a seafood salad served over baby field greens in an oversized martini glass, or raad na noodles topped with curled strands of carrot. Ditto the crab avocado rolls, and the mango spring rolls, and the pan-grilled tuna wasabi salad.

The Average Joe’s response to Betty Crocker: The homebrewing revival
by Leah Ritz, Minnesota 2020
With markets across the board looking unsteady these days, Minnesotans are returning to their agricultural roots in an effort to re-cultivate Minnesota’s heritage and revitalize local business. With today’s food prices on the rise and a little extra free time to spare on new hobbies, traditional homegrown pastimes have expanded to new frontiers. However, instead of home-canned tomatoes and other produce familiar from the heyday of Betty Crocker, this time it’s the Average Joe’s of Minnesota brewing and bottling their own beer with homegrown ingredients.


ARTS ORBIT | Get your toady whipped on West 7th
by Jay Gabler
This Friday night at St. Paul’s Mad Hatter Tea House, Rick Griffith will be kicking off the Halloween season with his annual “Magic Lute Show.” That’s right, folks. We’re talking authentic live lute music, readings from Renaissance-era sources on witchcraft and alchemy, and, Griffith promises, “a few choice bits of legerdemain and mental chicanery.”

GROUND ZERO | Fear Itself: Turning an hour of economic danger into an hour of political opportunity
by Rich Broderick
Today, the whole elaborate system of easy short-term credit that keeps our version of capitalism afloat is on the verge of a shutdown. And soon.

ARTS ORBIT | Vandalia Street gets good wood
by Jay Gabler
You know the Twin Cities have a great theater scene. You know that our bands are the coolest. You may even know that we have an exceptional number of exceptional dance companies. But did you know that the metro area is a national hub of woodcraft?

BLOG OF THE MODERATE LEFT | The times, they are a-changing
by Jeff Fecke
Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO speaks bluntly about fighting racism, how it’s used to divide workers, and why it’s very wrong to vote against Barack Obama because of the color of his skin.

ARTS ORBIT | Weekend what’s what 10/2-10/4: Dance dance…revolution?
by l’etoile magazine staff
As the leaves begin their slow autumn turn and the noticeable chill sweeps in, the political climate heats up! While the bulk of this weekend holds an abundance of the fantastic art, music and parties that you’ve come to expect, Thursday is really the perfect chance to flex your revolutionary muscle. With a handful of thoughtful events that will definitely inspire and entertain, your thinking cap has never looked so stylish!

EYETEETH | D’oh: Homer tries to vote for Obama
by Paul Schmelzer
In its annual Halloween episode—this year falling just two days before the presidential election—The Simpsons will feature a segment where Homer heads into a “double-wide” voting booth in an attempt to cast his vote for Barack Obama.