Inside the Daily Planet, 10/15/08


NEWS YOU CAN USE | Northeast Minneapolis hosts transit summit October 15 by Melissa Slachetka, TC Daily Planet • The Central Corridor Light Rail system won’t carry a passenger until 2014, according to the Metropolitan Council, but construction is slated to begin in 2010, if it gets federal approval.

Music note: Broken Social Scene take liberties at First Ave by Jonathan Behm, TC Daily Planet • Canadian indie rockers Broken Social Scene were supposed to play a free in-store set at the Electric Fetus on Monday evening, a teaser for their First Avenue show later that night. Unfortunately, no one told the band.

Next president needs to focus on jobs, TRW workers say by Barb Kucera, Workday Minnesota • Selena McElmury knows she probably will be on the unemployment line when the next president takes office in January 2009. She’s not giving up, however, on creating a better future for herself and her co-workers.

Japanese artist reflects on Korea-Japan relations in two films by Staff, Korean Quarterly • A series of 16 film screenings by one of Japan’s most controversial and skilled filmmakers will include two which explore the relationship of Korea and Japan in the post-war era.


GROUND ZERO | Panic attack: The economy, the constitution, and my dog Binx by Rich Broderick, October 14, 2008 • Poor Binx.

All of his life, he’s been terrified of one thing above all others.


WOMB WITH A VIEW | Leave by Phillip Andew Bennett Low
My feeling about love stories is similar to my feeling about religious conversions, or orgasms: they’re really awesome to have, but it’s not terribly interesting to witness someone else experiencing one.

ARTS ORBIT | A first-timer at the Twin Cities Book Festival by Melissa Slachetka • It was a lazy Saturday morning to begin with. I slept until ten and then spent until just after 12:30 p.m. with my head in the new Elizabeth Peters novel. Suddenly, I realized that I should probably get a move on if I wanted to get to the book fair and catch a 2:00 lecture. I also had wanted to catch an 11:30 lecture, but that was never going to happen.