Inside the Daily Planet, 10/14/08


THINGS PEOPLE SAY | Who was the worst offender in Lakeville–the questioner or the candidate? by Jeff Severns Guntzel, Minnesota Independent • Much has been made of McCain’s angry crowd in Lakeville last week, where the candidate snatched a microphone from the hands of a questioner asserting that Barack Obama is “an Arab.” McCain’s response to this claim? “No ma’am. He’s a decent family man and citizen.”

On the path of leadership by Tracey Paska, Minnesota Women’s Press • As a young mother during the early 1980s, Sherry Butcher joined her Eden Prairie neighbors to protest the expansion of what she calls the “seriously misnamed” Flying Cloud Sanitary Landfill, owned by industrial giant Browning-Ferris Industries (BFI). Faced with such a daunting foe, Butcher fortunately had someone watching her back-her year-old son, Nick. “I’ll never forget [carrying] that little fellow in the backpack,” she recalled. “We would be demonstrating against BFI and he had this little tiny sign that said, ‘BFI take a hike.'”

Pre-RNC raid in Seward targeted “Food Not Bombs” house by Roxanne Bergeron, The Bridge • The “Food Not Bombs” (FNB) house at 2301 23rd Ave. S was the site of one of three pre-RNC raids that took place simultaneously at 8 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 30.


CABBAGES AND KINGS | What about those living on Side Street? by Cassaundra Adler • If I had a quarter for every time the phrase “Wall Street” and “Main Street” were mentioned in the last month, I could bail out our economy.

BY THE PEOPLE | A “citizen rabbi” by Daniella Fischer • What does it mean to be a citizen professional? Previous posts on this blog have told the stories of a “citizen judge,” a “citizen academic counselor,” and a “citizen naturalist.” As the daughter of a rabbi, I got to thinking about whether the “citizen professional” concept could be applied to professional clergy.

SINGLE WHITE FRINGE GEEK | Shameless plug of the day: 10/14, Lamb Lays With Lion by Matthew A. Everett • You now have plans for Tuesday night.