Inside the Daily Planet, 10/12/08


Readers comment on theater at St. Thomas Staff, TC Daily Planet • “Foley folly” … “Tragic mistake” … “Disappointment by St. Thomas choice” … “Money isn’t everything.” Comments on St. Thomas’s plans to close its 80-year-old Department of Theater and tear down the Foley Theater show a depth of sorrow and disappointment.

Readers, Writers, and Books

Literature lives on the North Side by Elizabeth Ellis, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder • MSR attended the fall reading of the NorthSide Writers Group (NSWG) at their invitation on Friday evening, September 26, at Homewood Studios on Plymouth Avenue in North Minneapolis. NSWG’s mission is to dispel the notion that “There were no artists, no writers living and working in North Minneapolis. On the contrary, there were many, but they were not connected with each other; nor were they visible or regarded as community resources. NorthSide Writers Group has worked to change that perception, to connect writers of all genres, and to introduce these talented writers to the larger Northside community.”

South High student recognized for literary achievement by Dennis Geisinger, Southside Pride • South High senior Molly Hensley Clancy has been awarded a $10,000 Davidson Institute Fellows Scholarship for authoring a series of stories told through the eyes of young female characters who show that common bonds bring us all together as human beings.

150 best Minnesota books #27: Alcoholism recovery the Minnesota way by Patrick Coleman, Minnesota Historical Society • This book had a huge impact on our culture. Vernon Johnson’s experimental work with alcoholics began in the early 1960s. The treatment program he developed at his Minneapolis-based Johnson Institute is outlined in detail in I’ll Quit Tomorrow. This program became known as the Minnesota Model.


DOWNSTREAM | My radiant little heresy by Emilio DeGrazia • Antinomianism: Belief that salvation comes by faith and Grace alone, not good works or obedience to moral law.

HISPANIC FANATIC | Aunt #1 by Daniel Cubias • When I was a toddler, I couldn’t pronounce her name, so I came up with a garbled nickname that I no longer use. I’ve thought about bringing it back. I think she would like that.

BLOG OF THE MODERATE LEFT | Can’t Shake the Devil’s Hand and Say You’re Only Kidding by Jeff Fecke • So as you know, the right has been getting a wee bit angry of late. It’s understandable; while elections are never over ’til the ballots are all counted, this one’s entering the late innings, and barring some sort of huge, game-changing event, it’s hard to see Barack Obama losing the election.