Inside the Daily Plaent, 9/6/08



McCollum promises to look into police response to RNC protests by Rich Broderick, TC Daily Planet
Rep. Betty McCollum (DFL-St. Paul) and two of her staff members met for more than 90 minutes this morning with representatives of the Minnesota chapter of the National Lawyers Guild and others speaking on behalf of protestors detained and arrested during this week’s Republican National Convention.

NEWS YOU CAN USE: Mississippi Watershed group retools grants program, hopes to reach diverse communities by Paul Purman, TC Daily Planet
A Twin Cities watershed organization has a quarter million dollars of grant money to divvy up over the next few months, and they’re hoping groups that have traditionally not applied for funding will show up for an information meeting on Monday, September 8.

Somali community protests RNC by A. Jahweyn, Hiiraan Online
Freedom of expression and the power to summon your government, the two most important principles of democracy is played out at the Republican National Convention (RNC) in St Paul, Minnesota. Among an estimated 15,000 protesters that took to the streets of St Paul on Monday, September 1 was about 300 Somalis who were protesting against “the U.S. sanctioned Ethiopian occupation of Somalia.”

Empowering rural China through education by Staff, Asian Pages
Before Sara Lam ’03, a native of Hong Kong, completed an elementary education major at the University of Minnesota, Morris, (UMM) she knew classroom teaching would not be in her future. In fact, Lam considered dropping out of the program, but her UMM professors encouraged her to finish. They recognized in her a quiet but exuberant passion for children and a profound awareness of social inequities. Lam’s UMM degree became the groundwork for studying international education policy at Harvard University and then co-founding the Rural China Education Foundation, the manifestation of a lifetime desire to help children.


Glamour and the graveyard of ambition: Will RNC = RIP for Chris Coleman’s career?
Rich Broderick, Ground Zero
The word “glamour” entered the language by way of sorcery – originally it meant a method of casting a spell in which a witch or wizard bedazzled a victim by taking on the appearance of great physical beauty and accompanying sexual allure. In other words, a form of shape-shifting. Glamour was considered particularly effective for ensnaring people of the upper ranks of society – those who, it might be said, thought of themselves as “glamorous” in the modern sense of the term.

Abuela by Daniel Cubias, 9/2/08 • Three-quarters of my grandparents died before I was born or so early in my life that I have virtually no recollection of them. So my only real experience with grandparents is my maternal abuela.

Dance, delegates, dance! by Jay Gabler, Arts Orbit
There was a lot of booty-shakin’ at the X this week, as this motley montage makes evident.