Inside the Daily Planet, 9/30/08


NEWS YOU CAN USE | Coping with recession by Maura Youngman, TC Daily Planet • In times of economic downturn, some Minneapolis residents are generating creative solutions to help their families save food, fuel, and money.

Police cite public’s help in aiding Cedar-Riverside investigation by Jeremy Stratton, The Bridge • One week after the murder of 20-year-old Augsburg student Ahmednur Ali, the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) announced the arrest of a suspect in the case.

Southeast Como encourages stormwater management by Tiffany Smith, Minnesota Daily • Today, it’s hard to point fingers at large specific sources of water pollution, as most of it is no longer due to direct dumping of waste.


CABBAGES AND KINGS | A healthy serving of politics at the Swedish Inn by Jon McBride • If you’d like a lesson on how to speak your mind about politics or how you think things should be run, then you should stop by the quaint little town of Lindstrom and go to the local diner, The Swedish Inn.

THINK FORWARD | A 21st Century New Deal? by Mark Muller • I’ve probably heard and read dozens of times over the past two weeks that this is the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression. Our stock market and confidence in the banking system are allegedly on the brink of a 1929-style collapse.

ARTS ORBIT | Tha Cutt: Tha Remix by Jay Gabler • TruArtSpeaks, the non-profit organization run by St. Paul poet/performer/educator Tish Jones, has just announced that “Tha Cutt”—the youth-oriented spoken-word open mic series that formerly met in North Minneapolis‘s now-shuttered Bean Scene—is being reborn as “Tha Remix.”

ARTS ORBIT | Video of Atmosphere on Jimmy Kimmel Live by Chris DeLine • Also, a link to a free Atmosphere MP3.

And again – the link to Rich Broderick’s blog was broken in yesterday’s newsletter, so we are sending it again, with a working link. GROUND ZERO | Second Time As Farce: Russia, America’s Economy and the Presidential “Debate” by Rich Broderick • Maybe it’s the time of year – the cusp of October, the approach of yet another anniversary of the Bolshevik’s 1917 coup d’etat — but Friday night’s surreal “debate” between Barack Obama and John McCain reminded me of _A People’s Tragedy, The Russian Revolution, 1891-1924_, Orlando Figes’s magisterial history of Russia’s epic revolutionary era.