Inside the Daily Planet, 11/25/08


THINGS PEOPLE SAY | Readers weigh in on St. Paul architecture • “I don’t mind that St. Paul isn’t a showplace of architecture from the past 30 years. I greatly appreciate that the city has preserved so much from its past 150 years—more so, I’d say without any expertise, than Minneapolis has.”

Central Corridor update by Nancy Sartor, TC Daily Planet • Members of the Metropolitan Council’s Corridor Management Committee and community advocates met November 13 to discuss the Central Corridor Light Rail project. At a forum broadcast on KFAI’s “Truth to Tell” and recorded for later broadcast on St. Paul Neighborhood Network, participants provided an update of the project and outlined issues of concern.

Local musicians speak out

MUSIC | Mighty Fairly rock out with their rooster out by Perfect Porridge staff • Minneapolis indie rock band Mightly Fairly released their new disc, Big Words and Power Chords, last Friday with a CD release show at Bunkers. More than just a one-night stand, this is a band worth taking home to meet Mom and Dad. We had the opportunity to chat with lead vocalist and guitarist Mischa Suemnig and drummer Joseph Papke about the new album, the MSP music scene, and what it’s like to have a track on MTV’s The Real World.

MUSIC | Western Fifth’s Ryan Holweger stands like a thief by David Rachac, • Ryan Holweger is the singer and principal songwriter for the alt-country band Western Fifth. In this interview, Holweger talks about developing an ear for the country side of rock, his songwriting process, and recording the band’s new CD Stand Like a Thief.


CINNA.MN | Black vs White Saving Habits by Erica Mauter • US News & World Report published an item on its Planning to Retire blog about the different saving habits of white Americans vs African-Americans.

ARTS ORBIT | Unimpressive Mysteries of the Great Lakes at the Omnitheater by Brian Moen • Mysteries of the Great Lakes was 45 minutes long and we left very unsatisfied and unimpressed. Partly because our expectations were so high, but also because of what we remembered most IMAX movies to be like. The overall story was great and very interesting, but I would have rather just watched it at home on PBS, rather than pay $15 for the two of us to see it on the big screen.

CABBAGES AND KINGS | Come on kids: Let’s raise America’s gas tax by Kristen Anderson • 11/21/08 • Sure, we all love heading to the pump and paying almost half as much to fill the tank as we did a mere three months ago. But let’s not kid ourselves. These low prices are not a permanent change and we need something that will change American’s opinions about the scarce resource that is gasoline. This is why the federal gas tax should be raised.