Inside the Daily Planet, 11/19/08


THEATER | The complicated visions of Aditi Kapil by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet • Aditi Kapil is one of the finest comedic talents ever to see a Twin Cities stage. Too bad she’s squandered her gift by deciding to write and direct in addition to acting. That decision has led to Kapil’s play Love Person being nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

Can we ‘presume’ the Star Tribune prefers Coleman over Franken? by Paul Schmelzer, Minnesota Independent • Does the Star Tribune have it in for U.S. Senate candidate Al Franken? A look at the paper’s coverage over the past few weeks might suggest as much.

Hard times call for rationalizing resources and state policies by Lee Egerstrom, Minnesota 2020 • Announcements from Minnesota education officials and state agencies this fall show that the state isn’t just circling the wagons or going into full retreat from economic development efforts despite the weak state, national and now global economies.

SLIDESHOW | Old Friary by Jon Behm, TC Daily Planet
The Old Friary adjacent to Guardian Angels Church in Chaska is, at 140 years old, one of the oldest buildings in Minnesota. On Saturdays in November, the church is opening the Friary for public tours.


Food and Human Rights by Ben Lilliston, 11/14/08 • How would our global food system be different if we started with a human rights perspective that guarantees everyone the right to adequate food? This is the fundamental question asked by IATP’s Carin Smaller and Sophia Murphy in a new paper, Bridging the Divide: a human rights vision for global food trade.

Muy Fabuloso by Daniel Cubias • 11/16/08 • Let me give you a warning. If you should ever walk down the street of a major American city with my wife, you should not (by her own admission) listen to her she asks the innocuous question, “What’s over there?” I speak from experience. Her curiosity about hidden doors and blinking marquees has mistakenly led us into shady dives from coast to coast (imagine my surprise at walking into an S&M bar in Hollywood).