Inside the Daily Planet, 11/15/08


Tibetan community voices support for “Middle Way Path” by Tenzin Waleag, TC Daily Planet • On March 10, 2008 the Chinese government suppressed riots in Tibet, killing more than 100 people. That riot worried Tibetans and Tibetans in the exile, including Tibetans in Minnesota, which has the second largest Tibetan Community in the United States. On October 19 more than 150 people, mostly Tibetans in exile, gathered at the Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota in St. Paul to discuss the situation of the Tibetan Government in Exile. There was a question and answer panel discussion with Tibetan Community of Minnesota board members. The majority of the people that came to the meetings were in their mid 30s to mid 60s.

U prof to join global pandemics council by Cody Zwiefelhofer, Minnesota Daily • The director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy is moving up in the world.

Special Section: Visual Arts

VISUAL ARTS | Seeing the Iraq War through borrowed eyes by Marya Hornbacher, • Megan Rye’s paintings are unexpected and breathtaking. Often shockingly beautiful, they deny easy reading, refuse to make a singular statement, presenting instead a sharp, nearly photorealistic series of images so quietly powerful the viewer tends to tumble into them headfirst. Saturated with color, technically brilliant, portraying not the rote images of war one might expect—no dead bodies, screaming children, or gore—the paintings capture, instead, moments of silence.

VISUAL ARTS | The quiet jewel in our midst: Minneapolis is home to a premier example of Byzantine mosaic art by Sharon Parker, Minneapolis Observer Quarterly • If you’d like a peaceful break from the economic and political tornadoes raging around us, you could spend a few moments inside the chapel at VISUAL ARTS | The enduring vision of Frank Big Bear by Ann Klefstad, • Multiple worlds fold into each other in Frank Big Bear’s brilliant work. It’s hard to comment on this show; as testimony to a long life lived in relentless service to vision, the work’s passion and intelligence is totally humbling.

VISUAL ARTS | Let us break art together by Jeremy Stratton, The Bridge • A group of 13 artists has turned a former tobacco shop into a workshop for projects that resemble social experiments as much as they do art.


ELEVENTH AVENUE SOUTH | Which Minnesotans supported California’s hateful Prop H8? Here’s the list by Andy Birkey • 11/13/08 • California passed Proposition 8 or Prop H8 (H8 = “hate,” get it?) to rescind marriage rights for same-sex couples. It’s one of the first times in American history that voters chose to take away a civil right at the ballot box.

ARTS ORBIT | Wallace Foundation pours cash into St. Paul performing arts organizations by Jay Gabler • The four members of downtown St. Paul’s Arts Partnership—the Minnesota Opera, the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, and the Schubert Club—are surely nervous about launching a major capital campaign in this volatile economic climate. As of this week, though, they have a little less reason to be nervous: the Wallace Foundation has made audience development grants of $750,000 each to the Opera, the SPCO, and the Ordway.

FROM THE SOAPBOX | Some Thoughts on This November 4 and another Joe from Ohio by Michael Rodning Bash • 11/7/08 • November 4, 2008 is now a part of history. The United States has elected Barack Hussein Obama as this nation’s first African-American President. This campaign and this November 4 have been among the most moving experiences of my life, experiences that will live in my mind until memory fails. And ever since this November 4, I have been struck by the number of people, from friends to pundits, who have voiced their wish that some person close to them “could have lived to see this day.” Such is the significance of this November 4.

ARTS ORBIT | Cyn’s picks: Giant book sale, floating sushi, music galore by Cyn Collins • Go to Casket Arts this weekend to find the best book sale in town, vastly huge and wondrously eclectic. Also, be sure to visit Midori’s Floating World Café before Sunday to have one last sushi experience in their old space. Finally, here are some music picks for the week!