OPINION | Image politics vs. reality politics


As early as we are in the 2013 election season, I detect a game plan by the status quo forces to try to force this into a campaign of image, not issues.  It is supposed to be “wrong” to bring up misdeeds of present and past officeholders.  What doesn’t matter is justice, just the appearance we give of being a progressive city.  Rybak was media savvy, no doubt, but the city isn’t in need of more of that.  We need to build a city where the inside and outside are congruent.  And this mailed fist in a velvet glove called “we need to remain competitive, to attract young talent” is something they’ve thrown at reform over and over again.  But my question is how “bright” are these talented young people to choose a city on a crafted image, to care nothing about the reality?  Is it more likely they are people who’ve been managing their own image as talented people and want to fit into that environment?  There’s no question that career coaches spread that message, but to create a fake city so we can get fake geniuses is the dumbest thing of all.