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The Idle No More events seem to be spreading in Minnesota.

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While KSTP,  MPR, WCCO and all the other corporate media seem to not know it is happening (or more like they are not reporting on it) here is the latest.

The Idle No More is a phenomena that started in Canada. Tar Sands extraction has started in the Alberta  section of Canada. It is a very dirty and environmentaly distructive activity. Also the equally destructive procedure of “hydro-fracking” is taking place. Apparently the Canadian government of Stephen Harper authorized it. In the process breaking Canadian Native Treaty Rights. Tar  Sands and “fracking” are also polluting the water of the Native community as well as the broader Canadian community. Not to forget the Native and other communities right here in the United States. In response to this a local Canadian First Nation Tribal  Chief, Theresa Spence of the Attawapiskat tribe has gone on Hunger Strike, to  force the Stephen Harper Administration to meet with Native First Nation representatives. He has so far refused to do so. Theresa Spence is now on the 20th day of her Hunger Strike.

Now the Idle No More has taken to creating Native “flash mobs” with native drumming and dancing being the norm. They started in Canada but have now spread to the United Staes, Mexico and other countries.

On Saturday December 29th, there was a large flash mob of a few thousand that decended on the Mall Of America in Bloomington. Today Sunday December 30th another flash mob showed up at the Global Market mall in south Minneapolis. There are unconfirmed reports that a flash mob of 6,000 showed up at a Mall in Bimidji,  MN.

There are more Idle No More events being orgainized as we speak.

Be of good tidings. The awakening has begun.

We do not need the corporate politicians who sell us out. We do not need the corporate media who lie to us.

We  have each other.