Icy fun at Hiawatha School Park


Lots of families were out enjoying the ice on Friday night during the Dog Days of Winter event at Hiawatha School Park. The mild winter night was punctuated with lots of laughter and sounds of kids having fun ice skating. Besides ice skating, kids and their parents were busy roasting marshmallows over a campfire and making marshmallow crafts. The park had popcorn, hot dogs, and other treats. What a fun night to be out with friends enjoying the best of winter!

If you missed the Friday night event, you’ve got another chance to get out on the ice – Longfellow Rec Center is having a Fire and Ice celebration this coming Friday. See the calendar for details.

Two boys lace up and get ready to go out on the ice.

Three kids stop for a minute to pose for the photo before going back to having fun skating.

Another family gives ice skating a try.

Kids warm up by the campfire and have fun roasting marshmallows.

A mom and her daughter create a snowman out of marshmallows in the craft room.