Iconic signage


Signage issues and laws can really get people riled up. We lived with a really ugly sign close by for many years. It was in front of a tire shop. The sign was removed after a lengthy battle and we all did the happy dance. It was too tall to be in a residential area and it was ugly. In some cities there are signs every where and in others there are very few. In general I think less is more but there are some exceptions.

There are some signs in St. Paul that are iconic and each is beautiful in it’s own way.

7th St. Clair Liquors

The name of the liquor store that this sign is in front of is and has been the liquor barrel for as long as I can remember and no one is sure what the drive in part on the sign means. It should be restored. It is an iconic sign.

Park Liquors on Snelling Avenue

Another iconic sign. Lets face it they don’t make them like they used to.

Mancini’s Liquors