I surrender…the Conservatives are absolutely right on health care reform


by Myles Spicer | September 24, 2009 • I used to be an unrepentant liberal who sneered at the hard right’s views of health care reform. But now, after all the shouting…the threats…the harangues…the mobs…and the courageous comments by Limbaugh, Bachmann, Beck, Palin et al, I am now one of the convinced and converted.

Graduate U of Minn 1954. Flying officer USAF 1954-57 honorably discharged from reserve with rank of Capt. Owner several ad agencies in the Twin Cities and San Diego for over 45 years. Won several national creative awards in my career; and was a published author. Active politically entire adult life, and civil rights activist since age of 21. 76 years old…and an unrepentant liberal!

Let’s start with those horrendous “Death Panels” the Commie Democrats have in their health care package. Pulling the plug on grandma is admittedly, well, just plain awful – especially since I am a grandfather myself. On the other hand, I do see some value in them. After all, us older folks do have less “value” and can be both a pain in the ass and expensive to maintain. I would urge my new-found right wing friends to reconsider, and vote to keep them in the reform plan. It could save the nation oodles of money, and even reduce the deficit. What would really be needed to execute (no pun) the retention of useful Death Panels would be a “Death Czar”. My nomination would be Sarah Palin (guess she would actually be a “Czarina”) since she was the one who apparently detected them in the lefty’s plans.

Undocumented immigrants…as my new friends have uncovered, would be fully insured by the pinko Dems program.  At least, that is what I am told by them.  There is only one word for this: disgusting!  Who wants a bunch of healthy immigrants running around the country while the rest of us – real Americans — are sick?  They should be equally exposed to illness and disease; and when sick, any health care should be assiduously denied them.  In fact, many believe they should be sent back to their home countries, while contagious, to further spread their diseases.  To effectively do this we again need…a Czar. A Disease Czar responsible for the spread of international contagion.  Lou Dobbs would be my choice (are you listening President Obama?)
Also, as my new friends so cogently point out, the Socialist-leaning Pinko Red Commie Democrats also want to damage the profits of our private insurance companies. How rude. Perhaps they are jealous of the $10 or 20 million those hard working CEOs make. There is nothing unconstitutional about making obscene profits on the backs of the sick and infirm. What is further lost in this argument is how the insurance companies would pay for their lobbyists, without such outrageous profits. Can someone explain that to me?  Given that fact, the only way to truly make “outrageous” profits is to deny coverage to people who are already ill, and/or immediately take away coverage from those who then get ill. That is how our health care system works. That is the American way. Don’t try to sell me “Obamacare.”  In fact, it should be called for what it really is: “Lenincare.”  Hey folks, this is Capitalism at its best. Deal with it! When “we” get back into power what we will immediately appoint is a Capitalism Czar – and that will assure the country there will be no more of this Socialist-Commie nonsense!
Indeed, my new friends have convinced me we should just scrub the whole idea of health care reform, and “start all over,” just as we have for the past 60 years.  They even have a start over date in mind:  2059.  That would give us 50 more years to, as they say, “get it right.” Could that be wrong? Sounds good to me.
Another thing I love about my new friends is those protest marches. We can scream and holler; we can carry mean-looking signs (lots about Obama being a Nazi, and stuff like that); and some of us even carry guns!  Wow…what a high. And think about this: what if  Hussein Obama really is the Antichrist?  Then my new friends have an even bigger warning for us all…so beware America! I am a little dismayed at some of the spelling I see, like:  “These morans have no brains” and “No pubic option”.  But what the heck, I did not join these folks because of their intellect.  I like the noise; and we all get to be real agitated and angry too. And we tolerate no fancy talk either, like that Obama guy.
Oh, and speaking of Obama, I learned some very interesting things from my new friends about our so-called President. Did you know he was not even born here? No sir, I have heard he was actually born in Kenya. Or maybe it was Indonesia? Or even, some say in Zanzibar. There are even some who deny that Obama was ever really born!  And that would make this entire left wing, Socialist, Communist, Nazi, gangster, Red, fascist, Antichrist, Muslim, whatever regime — a complete fraud and charade.  In fact, my new friends have secretly told me that when “we” get back into power, there will be no president and no Constitution at all. What we will have is … a Czar!