I Didn’t Read the Fine Print at the Minnesota Fringe Festival


Saturday night we rearranged our Fringe schedule because of the Uptown Art Fair traffic.  We had selected a show at the Brave New Workshop Student Union.  We decided to head to the Theatre Garage early and see whatever was playing before our next scheduled show. We ended up seeing first time playwright and director Wendy Russ Robson’s show I Didn’t Read the Fine Print.

I Didn’t Read the Fine Print is a charming play about Sasha (Melinda Kordich), a vintage clothing shop owner who tries to save her struggling boutique with the help of a mysterious businessman (Bill Collins) promoting a very unconventional sales strategy.  Kordich and Collins have a very easy chemistry.  Veronica Hanson as Zoe, the neighborhood girl gives an adorable performance as Sasha’s sidekick.  The cozy set and colorful clothing add to the intimate feeling of the play.  At times, the play could use a little more drama.  But this is one of those fun little shows that embody the spirit of the Fringe Festival.

 The show is recommended for ages 12 and up.