I am from …


I am from Mexico. The land of the most beautiful brown skin.
The beautiful Mexican flag that has three colors,
Green is “HOPE”, for the independence movement.
White is “PURITY” for the purity of the Catholic faith.
Red is “UNION” for the Spaniards joined in the quest for
Independence is red the blood of national heroes.
I am from Chichen Itza Pyramids of Yucatan that now became one of the New Wonders of the World.

This blog features new Minnesotans who are studying English at Rondo Community Outreach Library in St. Paul. This blog entry was written by Patricia Guerrero.

I am from my grandmother’s hot chocolate & sweet bread that she
used to make to feed her grandchildren.
I am from the fields of my grandfather who worked so hard to
give his children a better education.
I am from the fishes that my cousins & I caught in the river every morning of our childhood.

I am from divorced parents.
My father forced me to choose between my mother & him.
From my mother who worked hard to buy me the Barbie doll that
I wanted for my eighth birthday.

I am from my two sisters’ annoyed noise that they used to make to wake me up and force me to go to church every Sunday morning.
I am from my big brother, the “Mr. Perfect” who told everybody that he never makes any mistakes.