How you can help celebrate Veterans Day


My brother was a homeless veteran. Since his death, Veterans Day isn’t just another meaningless federal holiday. I’m grateful that two years before my brother died, he found housing. Yet over 57,000 veterans are homeless each night, according to HUD. Sixty percent of them are in shelters, the rest un-sheltered. Nearly 5,000 are female.

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On Tuesday November 11th and every day we must give attention to homeless veterans and all the homeless.

Here are a few things you can do on Veterans Day.

Sponsor a Sil House

Structured Independent Living House – Sponsor one today and make a positive difference in our community by providing independence to a veteran who might otherwise be living on the street! Call Kathleen Vitalis at (651) 291-8756.

Other ways to help, listed by eHow, include volunteering at a residential placement center, emergency shelter, or call center. Or you could call a homeless veteran service provider in your area to volunteer. For more details, links, and other ways to help, see the eHow article.

CNN gives 9 ways to help veterans, from saying thank you to donating frequent flier miles to sending care packages. Click here to read the full article, which has lots of links.

Following a list of places where veterans can go on Vet day