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The good news is you don’t have to protest, go to a voting booth, or spend any money.

All we have to do is demand 1)  publically verifiable Internet voting.  This would be by your picture, your fingerprint or some other, reliable testing. This would be continuous voting, for all major issues and eventually local issues, too.  People can vote when they find the time, and vote from their desktops or the library or even their phones.  Various methods now exist to verify voting and better ones are coming in all the time.  This can be done.  One website already trying to do this is Americans elect org.  Check it out and consider registering.

But what good is voting if the government doesn’t have to follow the popular vote?  So we will need 2) a new law that commands government to follow the popular vote.  If the people do not want war with Iraq, then the people who are paying for it with their own flesh and blood and tax money simply say: no war.  This law would restrict the government and all its associates.

But what if the government doesn’t want to listen to its own people?  Then we 3)  set a date to withhold taxes, start civil disobedience, withhold cooperation, and any other payments to large corporations with lobbyists until the government is driven to its knees and agrees to follow the popular vote.  If the movement had just 25 million people out of 350 million that would probably stop government in its tracks.

While we are at this, we need to demand 4) the government’s books, that is a complete audit of government and the Federal Reserve to see where the money is going and how it is being printed.  The people can control most corruption by simply having independent accountants analyze the books.  I’m sure you wouldn’t let complete strangers manage your personal money and bank statements, would you?  So my question is: Why do you allow complete strangers manage your personal money and bank statements?  Gotcha, didn’t I?

That about does it! 

Once we have 1) reliable Internet Voting, 2) A way to withhold taxes and all cooperation,  3) a new law forcing Government to follow our vote, and finally 4) the books,  then we can begin to correct the many problems stemming from the terrible collusion between Government, Corporations, Banks and Lobbyists – and whatever else may be lurking in the shadows!

Let’s get this going shall we?  The American Revolution is 200 years old, already. Once we do it here, we pass the model around the world and bypass the United Nations.