NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | How to keep self and property safe during rash of vehicle vandalisms


Over 126 vehicles parked along streets and alleys in Cocoran, Standish and Ericsson neighborhoods were damaged in the early morning hours of Monday, Aug. 22.

Vehicle windows were smashed and vehicles dented, possibly by a baseball bat. 

There were a lot of neighbors discussing the vandalism on the next day.

“At about 12:30 this morning we heard a car driving north up our block (23rd Avenue between 39th and 40th) and then several pops.  We went outside along with several neighbors and four cars on the east side of the street had had their back windows broken,” wrote Kyla Clark.

A thread on the forum Monday night reported that more vehicles were being damaged at about 9 p.m. “We have squad cars swarming the area right now in the Roosevelt High School area,” said Tony Morrow.

The posting limit was raised so that neighborhood residents can post “look outside now” notes. According to forum moderator, Steven Clift, “If someone strikes again, use a subject line like this: URGENT: 38XX 3X Ave – Windows Smashed Heading South, Grey SUV.”

What you can do, according to the Minneapolis Police Department:

• Keep a watchful eye out and call 911 if you see suspicious behavior. Listen for the sound of glass breaking. If you believe someone is in the process of vandalizing a vehicle, call 911 immediately!

• Report all incidents of vandalism and theft, even if you did not observe the crime. You can do this by calling 3-1-1.

• If you have specific suspect information related to these current incidents, call 9-1-1. Reporting is important because it may be possible to identify patterns through accumulated reports, which will help the police and increase patrols.

• If you have a garage, park your vehicle there; remove all items from your vehicle, lock your car, and securely lock your garage.

• If you park on the street, park in well-lit areas. This increases the chance of vandals or thieves being seen. Empty your vehicle of any items and lock it.

• If you have a security system with a video camera attached, point the camera to where your vehicle or neighbors vehicles are parked.

• Light up the neighborhood. Keep outside lights on throughout the night. Increase the chance that the suspect(s) will be seen by someone.

• If you get up during the night, look out your window. Increase the  “eyes of the neighborhood.”

If you saw the vehicle or have any information on the suspects, contact your crime prevention specialist, urged Loren K. Olson of council member Sandy Colvin Roy’s office.

• Corcoran & Standish Neighborhoods:
Crime Prevention Specialist Karen Notsch (612 673-2856) or

• Ericsson Neighborhood:
Crime Prevention Specialist Carla Nielson (612-673-2850) or

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