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Book Review “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing”

Reviewer: Nicholas P Heille; Minneapolis, MN; 10-06-10

How to grow a business with internet social media.

The reader will find very solid advice in the “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing” on how to merge the “what” of proven marketing and public relations techniques with the “how” of contemporary internet social media platforms.  Some of the proven tools covered include: business relationships; creation of an image of you as an authority in your field; and name/brand recognition.   The reader is shown “how” to use internet platforms like Facebook and Twitter to build relationships; videos on YouTube and articles in E-Zines to promote yourself as an authority; and, the “how” to create a common name recognized across platforms, be it your internet name, photos, or just a response to an emails. 

There are five Parts to the book with a total of 21 chapters.  Three of the parts deal with the specifics platforms of Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin as well as other less known platforms.  The proven “how’s” are woven together in each of the three parts.  Each chapter opens with a list of what is to be covered in the chapter; and, the chapter ends with an excellent “The Least You Need to Know” statement.  A very good summary of the “what”, that was just covered, and may have been lost in the details of the technical “how” of social media platforms.

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In the last chapter the author makes this observation: “Many people set up accounts on these platforms and expect the cash register to begin ringing within the first 30 days.  It just doesn’t really happen that way. … Give it a good three to six months to see where you are most comfortable.”  The author also has a suggested timeline to demonstrate the amount of effort needed to be spent on the various platforms as a business.  A timeline that helps the reader understand ‘you are in business to be in business’ and that social media is just one tool ‘… to be in business’. 

I expect the  shelf life of most of the contemporary computer platforms to be short, and may quickly date “Social Media Marketing”; but, in the world of 2010/2011, it is a great place to start, especially for those either overwhelmed, or unsure, about the “how” of contemporary computer social media for business promotion.  The reader will find very solid advice in the book’s 331 pages.

“Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing” by Jennifer Abernethy; 2010; Alpha: Penguin Group; NY,NY $19.95.