How does one emotionally cope with knowing about climate change?


We treat climate change like a logical problem, but it is an emotional problem of acceptance. Ignore the climate deniers for a moment. It an emotional acceptance problem for all of us who know and understand about climate change.

For example, when a disaster happens, climate deniers have the emotional comfort of thinking that we will fix it and it will get better. Climate change realists know that this disaster is the first one of many, and then next ones will probably be worse. Eventually our resources get depleted and there is less and less help that can be given. The Hurricane Katrina year is an example of that.

I love salt-water tropical fish, yet I can not look at one right now without realizing how doomed those fish are.

We all need the same care that a person needs who has a dear loved one dying of cancer. How do we give that care to one another?

One of the books that I am reading talks about detoxifying dying by looking death straight in the eye.

I think we need the emotional comfort of each other. The one thing that I find most painful during another disaster is listening to climate denier. I was seriously thinking of “End of the World” parties on Fridays at my house. I think there is some strength to be gained in “ghost dancing”. People have talked about how much the support of neighbors and friends helped during crisis. Maybe the “End of the World” is too morbid, maybe the name should be “Last Dance” for all the species that leaving us, for the fossil fuel civilization that will end and for all the pain of change. We need a better name. But however we do it, I think we need to start coming together and comforting each other in the way we do for any loss.

What do you think?