TUESDAY PICK | Horse Feathers bring their new album to the 7th Street Entry


It’s a little embarrassing to admit, but I’ve listened to Horse Feathers‘s Thistled Spring (Kill Rock Stars, 2010) well over 100 times, and that’s not even counting the times I’ve listened to it on my iPod (which is probably a significant number, as it’s the album that gets me through my many Megabus rides). So, yeah, I’m a fan. Now the folk group, headed by Justin Ringle, has a new album, Cynic’s New Year, which comes out on Tuesday, April 17, and the band will be at the 7th Street Entry the following Tuesday (the 24th) to promote it. Judging by NPR’s First Listen, it’s a worthy follow-up to Thistled Spring, which I’m relieved about since I’ve become quite protective of the band. A ticket is $15 at the door, and I have a feeling it’ll be more than worth the value.

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