MnDOT’s Sod Planting Project: More rocket science at the Megaversity


According to a report by the Center for Transportation Studies at the University of Minnesota titled Keeping roadsides green with salt-tolerant turfgrass, the sod MnDOT plants alongside  highways isn’t growing very well. Apparently, the chemicals that get plowed over the grass each winter cause the sod installations to fail. Ya don’t say.


So what is MnDOT doing to solve the landscaping problem? In typical MnDOT fashion, they’re planting more sod, or as Einstein might say, they’re using the same kind of thinking they used when they created the problem. They’ve tapped into the resources of our State’s premiere research institution to come up with some sort of super-sod for their superhighways.


As anyone who has tried it knows, growing sod in Minnesota often involves poisonous chemicals and a lot of water. It also requires burning a lot of expensive, air-polluting gas to power lawn mowers. So why is MnDOT planting it and replanting it alongside the highways?


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