Homeless youth in Minnesota: Watch. Read. Think. Talk.


Join the discussion of homeless youth in Minnesota. Speak up, speak out, send your opinions to us.

• Watch Homeless Youth: Finding Home, a documentary following six homeless youth in Minnesota on TPT Channel 17 on November 22nd, at 8 pm. (If you miss it, see part of the documentary right here:

• Read the TC Daily Planet article on Homeless Youth: Finding Home Read the summary or full report from Wilder on youth and young adult homelessness in Minnesota

• Think about it, and share your thoughts. Some questions that might start a discussion at home or with friends, or that might send you to the keyboard to send your insights to editor@tcdailyplanet.net for publication:

What are some of the challenges of getting homeless youth the help they need?

What would you recommend to law-makers about how to help homeless youth?