Hmong wedding and funeral procedures translation project helps preserve Hmong cultural practices in Minnesota


The Hmong Cultural Center has completed a major project initiative involving the translation into English and production of two books -Tshoob Kos (Wedding Procedures) and Kev Cai Pam Tuag (Funeral Procedures). Earlier versions of these books were compiled in the Hmong language by Tougeu Leepalao, the Cultural Consultant of Hmong Cultural Center between 1995 and 2005. Hmong Cultural Center’s goal with theTshoob Kos (Wedding Procedures) and Kev Cai Pam Tuag (Funeral Procedures)Translation project is to help preserve and disseminate key elements of Hmong ceremonial culture to current and future generations of the Hmong community in Minnesota and beyond.

The English language dissemination of detailed information about traditional Hmong Wedding Ceremony and Funeral Ceremony procedures in these two publications will make this information much more widely accessible for the first time to younger Hmong Americans who are not proficient in reading Hmong and whose primary reading and speaking language is English. The availability of the two newly translated books will promote information and awareness of core Hmong cultural traditions to interested non-Hmong in Minnesota and beyond. An additional goal of this important project is to advance scholarly knowledge of Hmong ceremonial culture including the Hmong wedding and funeral ceremonies.

Txongpao Lee, Executive Director of Hmong Cultural Center stated: “Hmong Cultural Center worked very hard on this project for more than a year. We are very excited that young Hmong and interested non-Hmong will now have access to detailed information about the traditional procedures associated with both the Hmong wedding and funeral ceremonies. The successful completion of this project will help Hmong Cultural Center better fulfill its mission of promoting knowledge of Hmong culture among both Hmong and in the wider society.”

The Tshoob Kos (Wedding Procedures) and Kev Cai Pam Tuag (Funeral Procedures) project was supported by a fiscal year 2012 Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage grant from the Minnesota Historical Society. This activity was funded, in part, by the arts and cultural heritage fund as appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the Legacy Amendment vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008. Western and Southern Life Insurance’s Saint Paul office provided generous financial support for the physical printing of these newly available publications.

How to Order the Books:Visit or the Hmong Cultural Center offices in Saint Paul to order copies of Tshoob Kos (Wedding Procedures) and Kev Cai Pam Tuag (Funeral Procedures). Individual copies are $12.00 a piece if picked up at the Hmong Cultural Centr or $15.00 if ordered online.