Hip Hop Harambee celebrates the Minneapolis music scene


You could hear the beat from far away; you just had to follow the music. Last Saturday, September 15, the Nomad World Pub parking lot was the mecca of all hip-hop enthusiasts.

It was the perfect day for the all-day block party: the weather was hot, the sun was shining and the people were happy to join what was probably the last outside concert this summer. The event started at 2 p.m. with Lizzo and Larva Ink who prepared the first guests for the upcoming line-up. The crowd grew with every hour and every artist. In the afternoon, Duenday, Sean Anonymous and Grittee Committee rocked the stage with outstanding beats which got the crowd going.

The whole line-up was a nice mixture of known and new local hip-hop artists and non-rapping musicians like the band Bomba Umoya. The highlight of the Hip-Hop Harambee was the performance of the headliner Talib Kweli who set the crowd on fire.

Meta, a well-known Twin Cities artist really enjoyed his performance and the vibrating atmosphere. He always tries to get the attention of his audience by having eye-contact and he said this afternoon was a real pleasure for him. He thinks that this event was a very good experience for the Twin Cities hip-hop community. Meta likes that there is no rivalry between the artists, they are supporting each other and are a real family. “When you enter the parking lot, you’re walking into a big hug,” said Meta smiling.

Dundee who, with his partner Digie, forms the new band, Up Rock, agreed that the Twin Cities’ hip-hop is a real community. As a newer collective, they have been admitted immediately to the family. Dundee stressed the energetic atmosphere of the audience and the artists.

Hip-Hop Harambee was a great opportunity to present and to celebrate Twin Cities local hip-hop. The performers presented their recent work and the people felt the passion because every artist put so much energy into the performance. Dundee is convinced that Minneapolis and Saint Paul have a very strong community with a promising future.

Harambee is Swahili and means “all put together” and this great hip-hop event has really put together people and artists.