Hillary Clinton lays out US foreign policy objective for Africa


by Nelima Kerré • For the Obama administration, the celebrating is over and it’s time to get started on work. I came across this article in the African Press Agency which touches on Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s strategy for Africa. She says;

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The foreign policy objectives of the Obama administration in Africa are rooted in security, political, economic and humanitarian interests.

“Combating al-Qaeda’s efforts to seek safe havens in failed states in the Horn of Africa; helping African nations to conserve their natural resources and reap fair benefits from them; stopping war in Congo; and ending autocracy in Zimbabwe and human devastation in Darfur.”

She put some emphasis on Darfur, which her predecessor Condoleeza Rice admitted was the biggest disappointment of her tenure. Hope she’ll succeed.

“There is a great need for us to sound the alarm again about Darfur. It is a terrible humanitarian crisis, compounded by a corrupt and very cruel regime in Khartoum, and it’s important that the world knows that we intend to address this in the most effective way possible once we have completed our review, and that we intend to bring along as many people as we can to fulfil the mission of the UN/AU force, which is not yet up to speed and fully deployed.”

Doesn’t sound too different from the intentions of the past administration. The change will have to be in the action taken. I wish her the best.

Originally published 1/22/09