Hey, folks, it’s SAINT PAUL!


Not only the Beltway and Big Apple types, but even Minnesota pols are dissing St. Paul.

You’d think the governor would remember where to find the state’s capitol. Not so. The Guv told conservative talk show host Glenn Beck, “When you come to Minneapolis for the convention …”

T-Paw is not alone.

Appearing on the Larry King show, Republican Rep. Michelle Bachmann enthused, “I think everybody should come to Minneapolis. It’s the most beautiful city in the United States. And everybody is going to want to come here. I think it will be tough to keep away from this city, it’s going to be so great.”

“This has gone way beyond Rodney Dangerfield ‘I get no respect’ disrespect. It’s time for all salt-of-the-earth and nonpartisan St. Paulites to rightly take to the streets … ” writes Ruben Rosario in the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “[I]nsiders or outsiders, when you mess with St. Paul, you messing with me now. Get your facts straight, will ya?”