The heron and other new life: Blue Heron Egg Hunt at North Mississippi Regional Park


Youngsters, and a few not so young, went on a Blue Heron Egg Hunt March 31 at North Mississippi Regional Park. After singing the Heron Song, to the tune of Here Comes Peter Cottontail, and learning about great blue herons, the egg hunters took baskets and looked for the blue heron-type eggs, with a maximum of 10 eggs allowed per hunter. After finding their eggs they exchanged them for a prize. Participants were divided into two age groups, ages 2 to 5 and 6 and older.

The fields were full of blue eggs and one gold egg in each age group. The finders of the gold eggs got a special prize of a basket filled with art and nature items.

The day also included a chance to walk on stilts, which most found to be a lot more difficult then it looks, as Maria Lemmons (bottom left) learned, with some help from Bruce Lemmons. Fallen logs provided a boost for Nanci and Joseph LaFerla (bottom right) as they surveyed the scene at the park.
Inside the Kroening Interpretive Center, Frances Strahan visited face painter Karen Korbey (below), and people could hold and pet lambs, bunnies, chicks and ducklings. Kennedy Robbins, left, found a new friend.