Hearth bread slide show: You can’t live on beef alone…can you?


My husband Dave and I raise 100% grass-fed beef, so, of course, we have a bias. But, really, it’s lots more interesting, and more healthful, if you include bread. But not just any bread – hearth bread.

Hearth bread, you ask? I know you’ve seen them – those dark brown loaves with interesting slashes across their surfaces. You know, the French baguettes with shiny crusts that shatter all over the table, multi-grain loaves with chewy crusts, and those sourdoughs with big glossy holes and marvelous tang.

I’ve made bread for eons, but started baking hearth breads – aka artisan breads – about seven years ago. Well, I really didn’t just start baking them – I became obsessed with them. I now buy yeast by the pound, and flour 15 lbs at a time. I’ve got bread flour; all purpose; spelt, barley, whole wheat and rye flours; cornmeal and polenta (coarse corn meal); wheat berries, spelt berries; rye and barley flakes; oats, flax, millet and quinoa seeds – all for the love of bread.

Lots of stories have built up over the years, but for right now, and because it is really, really late, I’ll just post this slide show of the latest manifestation of my crusty pursuit – a bread book challenge to myself.

Yeah, I’m going to try to bake my way through the Tartine Bread book this year.

Why? I guess to impose a little discipline by trying to master an approach that relies on wild yeasts pulled from the air in my own kitchen. The loaves from Trial#2 are now cooling on the counter. We’ll taste them tomorrow.

Hope you enjoy the slide show. What are you baking?