Health care provisions passed by House


A series of health care provisions were passed 114-17 by the House.

Sponsored by Rep. Steve Gottwalt (R-St. Cloud), HF2627, as amended, would give small medical clinics that have only one or two doctors until Jan. 1, 2015, to comply with electronic prescription drug requirements.

Another provision would allow the health commissioner to include coverage expiration dates on a monthly roster of Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare enrollees if the provider requests them. This would help providers prevent lapses in public health care coverage.

Counties and other local social service agencies would be given the ability to negotiate supplemental agreements with vendors regarding residential placement contracts. The agreement would be designed to encourage successful and cost-effective outcomes for clients and may include incentive payments for performance.

Last year, Rep. Joe Hoppe (R-Chaska) successfully offered a provision to allow Minnesota to enter into a reciprocal agreement with Bermuda to enforce child support obligations. Hoppe’s constituent told a House committee last year that her ex-husband owed more than $53,000 in child support payments for her two sons. Hoppe said larger countries have reciprocity with the U.S. but that the federal government leaves it up to each state to share reciprocity with smaller countries.

However, the provision was part of a larger health care bill that was vetoed so the language appears again in HF2627.

The bill now moves to the Senate, where Sen. David Hann (R-Eden Prairie) is the sponsor.