Haunted Yard thrills visitors


The creator of haunted houses and haunted yards for many years in East Bloomington, Tony Angrimson builds many of his own props and welds the frames himself. Animated chandeliers and decapitated heads hang from the trees. Smoke machines create a macabre visit on Halloween. It’s all free and fun for those not-faint-of-heart.

(Above) Tony Angrimson’s Haunted Yard includes animated spooks. (Photos Barb Teed)

(Above) You never know who is laying around the yard at Angrimson’s East Bloomington Haunted Yard.

(Above) Angrimson builds most of his props.

(Above) Angrimson’s haunted houses and yards have been a tradition for many years.

(Above) Some of the many hauntings in Tony Angrimson’s yard.

(Above) No Soliciting at Tony Angrimson’s house means no soliciting on Halloween.