Hard work is part of my tradition


I was born and raised in farmland in southern Somalia. The method of farming there is still primitive, and not only hard work, but it require waking up 6am and walking about three kilometers away from the village. I started working young, as I was six years old.

This blog features new Minnesotans who are studying English at Rondo Community Outreach Library in St. Paul. This blog entry was written by Huruse Gurhan.

Our tradition is formed by the seasons of rain, which takes place twice a year. These times we put the seeds into the ground. We grew sorghum, corn (maize), sesame. Near towns, we raise vegetables and fruits. After three months we began harvesting again. When the hard work is over we celebrate about a week.

We the people in the southern part Somalia we are very settled, our lives depend on farming; we are individualist and hard working and the rest of Somalia are nomads who are continuously moving from place to place. Since my culture is based upon hard work. I am very proud of my culture and I love it.

When I came to the US I have never thought I would be out of work this long. But the life is cruel some times.

I came here in 1997, I was without a job for a seven month; I relied on my friends for every thing. It was horrible and I was sick and very bored.

Finally I got a job receiving and shipping in a night shift, and I start taking ESL classes. It was my turning point. I was able to send money to my family, to go bars, buy good clothes, share the rent, and be able celebrate again with my family and friends through phone calls.

My name is Huruse Gurhan I am the ESL student, of the Rondo Library In St.Paul MN. I work as economic assistance worker in Hennepin county. I do have five children and lovely wife. I would like to overcome my English problem soon.