FREE SPEECH ZONE | Group praises Pawlenty for cutting funds for disabled, protecting the wealthy!


Minnesotans for Personal Responsibility applauds Governor Pawlenty for keeping his no new taxes pledge and cutting discretionary funds for adults with disabilities by 25%! Adults with disabilities who live in group homes will have their discretionary money cut to $89/month in Pawlenty’s budget, down from $121 – $129/month. All individuals should be more personally responsible!!

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Thank you for vetoing the tax increases on liquor, credit card companies and people with incomes over a quarter of a million dollars a year!

Thank you for allowing credit card companies charging over 15% interest to continue gouging people. Thank you for putting the needs of the wealthy and superrich above the most needy and vulnerable. Thank you for letting bars keep all their profits from the sale of liquor.

Thank you for putting your presidential campaign above the needs of Minnesotans. MPR wholeheartedly supports Pawlenty’s refusal to negotiate with the DFL on these absurd tax increases. We are fervent supporters of his 2012 presidential campaign and he would have absolutely nothing to campaign on if he agreed to any tax increase!
If the Minnesota budget has to be balanced on the backs of the disabled, so be it. There are hundreds of Minnesota charities and churches whose purpose is to help people in need – it is not the role of the government!
For the past 20 years, adults with disabilities who live in group homes have been able to keep between $121 and $129 a month from their SSI payment. The rest of the money goes to the expenses of the group home. This discretionary allotment of $89 should cover all their personal expenses – co-pays on prescription medication, clothing, movies, restaurant meals, haircuts, etc. Adults with disabilities – not the wealthy – should cut their personal spending and help balance the Minnesota budget!

Pawlenty came very close to being the vice presidential candidate last year and we do not want him to blow it for 2012. We applaud his courage and leadership in vetoing all DFL tax increases. Thank you for protecting the superrich, credit card companies, and liquor sales!