A great point about the gay marriage and voter ID amendments


A longtime reader wrote in this week with a note about the twin Republican amendments we face in the fall (instead of the promised progress on jobs and reform, but whatever):

As a center/left guy, I don’t like either of the GOP amendments that we are facing in November. But all the focus is on the marriage amendment. This seems crazy, as same sex couples aren’t allowed to marry now anyway, and that’s not going to change no matter which way that amendment vote falls. Have you imagined what the victors of that evening are going to say?

“Yeah, we successfully passed the amendment, so same sex couples still can’t get married!” or

“Yeah, we successfully opposed that amendment, but same sex couples still can’t get married!”

The Voter ID amendment is the one that is going to REALLY affect Minnesotans in the future. I suppose it’s just a harder issue to get energized about.

It’s a great point. Voter ID seems like a less nefarious thing to be voting on, but it’s even more pervasive and evil.